Di$mal is a young Hip-Hop artist from Nottingham, UK, who represents his hometown in the most creative way, bringing unique sounds and catchy hooks to the music scene.
Always attracted to music and writing, he grew up listening to a wide range of genres, from Hip-Hop to Rock and Punk.
  Artists such as Nas, Mac Miller, Asap Rocky and Kid Cudi have influenced the type of music Di$mal produces and helped him shape his own creative vision.
 When he was able to purchase a laptop, he began to put time and effort into crafting his sound and, since then, he has worked on achieving a solid fan base through social media, releasing an EP titled "Road To Misfit$", and hit singles like "Feeling High", which organically reached over 20,000 streams. 
Di$mal describes his music as nostalgic with a chill feeling. Conveying themes of struggle, anxiety, and addiction, his lyrics always leave a message of hope for the listener, making his music feel both reliable and inspirational.
A&R FACTORY : "Limp Bizkit may have done terrible things for the reputation of Alt-Rock Hip Hop, but with artists such as Di$mal laying down magnetically melancholic tracks such as his latest single “Feelings Away”, the genre may just stand a chance."
BAME BLOG : "The 21-year-old rapper, with over 2,400 monthly listeners on Spotify, expressed that he has always ‘felt connected with creativity’ and that even at one point in his life, he wanted to be writer. However, after much contemplation, he decided that rapping is his vocation"

2021 "EverythinG is FinE" [Two tracks EP]
2021 "My OwN" [Single]
2021 "5 a Day" [Single] 
2020 "Road to Misfit$" [EP]
2020 "Bump That Joint" [Single] 
2020 "Falling" [Single] 
2019 "Feeling High" [Single] 
2019 "Feelings Away" [Single] 
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